Fun Stuff around the shop!

Happy Friday! This weekend kicks off a new adventure we are participating in, it is a QR Code Scavenger hunt!  What is this you ask?  Well I’m here to tell you all about it!  It is  a week long event that sends the players all over North Lake county in search of QR codes, I’ll explain that in a minute, at each location they scan the code with their cell phones and collect a clue to a puzzle. Once they have collected all the codes they then decipher the puzzle, this then leads them to the location of the end of the hunt party! The party will be fabulous complete with lots of prizes, food, beverages and most of all FUN!!!

What is a QR code?  Well, it is a little black and white square icon that you find on all kinds of things. It holds information about a service, product or in this case a clue. You can download a reader app on any smart phone. The reader scans the code and gives you the information! How cool is that?

My friends Timothy Totten , Byron Faudie and Robin Richter are the team that makes up Fun Venture LLC.  They create fun adventures for all ages and have put on some pretty amazing events! They have created Audio Game which is kind of like Simon says and a flash mob combined, Escape room in a box, pop up mini golf and clue live mystery party just to name a few. You can visit their website at


Our shop is one of 31 stops that you can collect clues to find the end of the hunt party.  Go to the website to get  registered and get ready for some big fun finding all the clues!  You can also download the map on the website.  It starts this Saturday and ends next Saturday. The best thing about it is that it is FREE to play, yes that’s right FREE! so what’s stopping you ? Come join us and have some big FUN!

fun venture

Tick Tock….time’s a’wastin

While everyone in retail is gearing up for the upcoming holidays, we have been ordering for Mother’s day 2018.  We still have to plan for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas 2017,  of course,  but we have been doing that most of the summer.  When November 1st rolls around it is time for the tree to come out and make it’s debut once again in  our little shop window.  We always have such a great time thinking of the theme for our tree.  We seldom do the glitz and glam overkill that seem so common, I like to actually see the tree itself.  After all it is significant on it’s own. I’m thinking this year it will be very natural and most like the forest that I love so much.  Short and sweet this week….peace, love and flowers.