Let’s talk about herbs!

herb rocks.jpg

Herbs are magical in themselves. They can heal and soothe, awaken the senses and bring calm to our nerves. All in a natural way. These amazing plants have been around for a long time and posses wonderful healing properties.

My favorite herb must be lavender it has a relaxing and soothing scent that calms and helps with restful sleep. There are many products on the market today that contain this age old remedy for restful sleep.  Lavender is easy to grow in most climates.  It doesn’t require a lot of water, likes full sun and well drained soil.  It will form fairly large bushes that can easily be a specimen plant in your landscape.  Harvest lavender as it blooms throughout the summer, and prune back by about a third each fall.  lavender.jpg



If you’ve ever been around when lavender is blooming, you know how well it attracts bees!   In a time when bees are in decline, this is a good thing!  Besides bees, it also attracts butterflies and other beneficial insects.



Peppermint plant uses include using this mint as a medicine. Have a headache? Simply crush a few leaves and breathe in deeply to relieve a tension headache. Brew up a strong cup of mint tea to aid digestion after a big meal. Crush a few leaves and wipe the sweat from your forehead after a long afternoon out in the garden. The essential oils in peppermint bring renewed vigor. Chewing a leaf and spitting it out is a quick breath freshener. Dried peppermint leaf powder mixed with myrrh powder, sage powder, and baking soda makes a good toothpaste for receding gums and gingivitis.  Just dip a wet, soft-bristled toothbrush into the powder mixture and brush gently in little circles. It takes about two weeks to start seeing results. For liniment to be used on aching muscles, try adding a strong cup of peppermint tea to one-half cup of witch hazel.


Next week we I will explore more herbs! Come back and check out these magical healing plants! Until then keep on smiling and love one another!

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